The SML Diet Extra Plan

5 SMLDiet Meal Replacements per day. Particularly suited for men with a BMI of 30+ and women with a BMI of 40+.

The Extra weight loss plan is our Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) plan. Slimmers following the Extra plan would consume 5 of our meal replacements per day & have the added option of additional 200ml skimmed milk per day, 200kcal snacks allowance per day.

We suggest that you consider weight management when you are half way to meeting your goal weight. Our Balance Plan has been created to help slimmers re-introduce food at a pace that they and their bodies can manage.

The Balance plan offers a balance nutritional meal plan over a 4 week period. Following a Low GI diet, slimmers will slowly introduce carbohydrate to their bodies whilst cutting back on SMLDiet Meal Replacements. This allows your body to adjust to carbohydrate and different food groups and minimises the chance of any weight gain.

Our Balance book is available for slimmers to download FREE OF CHARGE & also features top tips from previous slimmers who have followed the Balance Plan, activities and insights from our founder & owner - Alleyne who is a qualified weight management counsellor.

Please note. The balance book is only available to slimmers who have previously purchased from the SMLDiet.