The SML Diet Extra Plan

5 SMLDiet Meal Replacements per day. Particularly suited for men with a BMI of 30+ and women with a BMI of 40+.

The Extra weight loss plan is our Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) plan. Slimmers following the Extra plan would consume 5 of our meal replacements per day & have the added option of additional 200ml skimmed milk per day, 200kcal snacks allowance per day.

No-one knows slimmers better than the SML Diet team & we know that slimmers are all different and require different things from weight loss. The SML Extra weight loss plan has been tailored for the needs of our slimmers who have a BMI of 30+ (for male dieters) and 40+ (for female dieters). 

The SML Extra plan allows you the choice of 5 packs per day along with a snack of up to 200kcal per day and 200ml of skimmed milk per day.

You can choose to stay on this plan for as long as you like. However, we would recommend once your BMI reaches a certain point, you consider switching to either our Simple plan or our Social plan

(BMI of 25 for male slimmers & 30 for female slimmers)