The SML Diet SOCIAL Plan

 Meal Replacements per day + 1 low carb meal + SMLDiet snacks 
The SMLDiet Social weight loss plan easily fits around your lifestyle. Particularly suitable for slimmers who socialise, want to eat alongside their families or who do not wish to embark on a Total Food Replacement plan. 
The Social Plan is our Low Calorie Diet option. Slimmers usually consume between 800-1,000 calories per day.
Slimmers would consume 3 SMLDiet meal replacements plus 1 healthy low carbohydrate meal plus have the option of consuming 1 SMLDiet snack three times per week.

he SMLDiet Social Plan is a great choice if you socialise & want the option of having a daily meal or don't want to embark on the SMLDiet Simple Plan. The great thing about the Social Plan is that it can easily fit into your busy lifestyle whilst offering you accelerated weight loss compared to usual weight loss plans that count calories. 

You would consume 3 SMLDiet meal replacements per day & have a low carbohydrate, healthy meal. You can choose when you have your meal (so if you want to eat your meal at lunchtime and replace a dinner with a meal replacement that's fine). 
In addition to the allowed meal, you can also consume 1 of our SMLDiet snacks up to 3x per week.

Slimmers can expect to lose between 7-12lbs per month following the SMLDiet Social Plan. However, everyone is different and loses weight at different rates.