The SML Simple Plan

Consume 4 SML packs per day
Add additional protein (if desired)
Option to have 3x SML Snacks per week

Lets Keep Things Simple!

Our VLCD plan is the most popular plan for our members. It's convenient (simply consume SML packs), easy to follow and offers slimmers faster and sustainable weight loss.
As a Very Low Calorie Diet Plan (VLCD), it's important you read about our plan and consider if this is the right plan for you. This plan can be used as a Total Food Replacement should you wish. 

About the Simple Plan

The Simple weight loss plan is our Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) plan. Slimmers following the Simple plan would consume 4 of our meal replacements per day & have the added option of adding our SML Nutrition snacks three times in a week.

Things to consider
Allowed Food & Drink
Medical Considerations
Weight Management
Week 13 break from VLCD
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