The SML Diet Re-FEED Plan

*At SMLDiet, we believe that VLCD re-feed is just as important as losing weight. After all, you want to be able to successfully maintain your weight and so do we!

Glycogen plays an extremely important part in any ketogenic diet plan. We know having been on the SMLDiet VLCD plan, that we can experience accelerated weight loss, suppressed appetite and a fantastic feeling of well-being. However, our team know all too well that slimmers can see their meal replacements as a blanket to keep them safe. As a result, we see many slimmers who are scared of introducing food, worried about the success of their future weight management and what it would mean to them if weight started to creep back on.

We want to re-assure you that we are here for you!

Just like we were there to support you through your weight loss, we will also be there every step of your weight management journey. 

We have developed the Balance Plan to help you re-feed successfully after your VLCD. Over a period of 4 weeks, you will slowly wean yourself off our Meal Replacements and start to re-introduce more conventional foods. This is a manageable pace for you mentally and your body physicallly.

Our Balance Plan follows a Low GI diet so you'll slowly introduce carbohydrate back into your body and at the end of 4 weeks, will be eating conventional food again. We have found that slimmers who follow our Balance Plan are more likely to minimise any weight gain over a longer period of time.