Our story

Ally's Story

A VLCD plan changed my whole life!

I founded the SML Plan after working for LighterLife for over 6 years. SML was born purely out of my passion for helping others. I had endured years of endless slimming until a VLCD helped me lose weight and changed my life! When I left LighterLife, I didn't want to leave the industry completely so founded the SML plan with a view of helping slimmers local to me. I had no idea SML would become a national weight loss company and have been humbled by the success of both my slimmers and my company.

I think SML works best because I've worked hard to source great tasting products which really do work. Everything we sell has been personally tried and tested by myself and I believe in them completely. My first love is working with behaviours so I wanted SML to really concentrate on helping our slimmers look at unhelpful habits, behaviours and ways of thinking that have led to weight gain in the past so they can stop that endless cycle of yo-yo dieting. You can read more about my success with SML over on my personal success story page (don't forget to check out our other SML slimmers for extra inspiration).

Our Mission

We truly do want you to succeed...


As a qualified coach, Ally believes that our success with managing our weight is connected to all aspects of our life. Exercise, diet and external factors either help or hinder our progress. This is why we encourage our members to focus not only on weight loss but everything as a whole.


We believe that helping our members manage their weight is KEY to success. We want you not only to rech your goal but to successfully manage your weight for years to come. That's why we focus on weight management with our Balance Plan with free Balance Book to help you succeed