SMLDiet keto diet friendly protein snacks are a fantastic way of helping you stay on track with your weight loss plans. The SML Plan range of high protein snacks are suitable for ketosis and are lower in calories and carbohydrate meaning you can enjoy them guilt free!

We do need to say that you can't use our Ketosis friendly Protein Snacks as a meal replacement as they do not contain enough vitamins or minerals to be classed as a meal replacement BUT you can enjoy them on a Very Low Calorie Diet weight loss plan and as they're suitable for a keto diet, they won't affect ketosis.

Enjoy our high protein crisps, high protein wafers and high protein biscuits as part of your VLCD plan and keep a snack or 2 on you at all times for those moments where you feel you want a little something extra. 

*Weight loss results vary from person to person. Always speak to your GP prior to embarking on any weight loss plan.