Why choose SML for your weight loss

The world of weight loss & dieting can be confusing for slimmers. Type in how can I lose weight on a search engine and you'll find pages upon pages of solutions. However, how do you know what truly works and what's right for you?
We know that slimmers know their stuff when it comes to losing weight. We also know that you DO have the choice to go elsewhere so in a world of countless weight loss plans, why should you choose the SML Plan?


We pride ourselves in our ethics. Sure we could easily tell you that by taking our meal replacement shakes, you'll lose 3 stone in a day but the truth is you wouldn't.

We believe in building trust with our customers and one way in which we do that is by being honest with you. All information you find on our site is honest and we would NEVER make any false statements to entice you to lose weight with us. We personally strive to better ourselves as a business and we invest our time into learning more about how we can help you not only lose weight but to maintain it afterwards. 


When we were founded by Ally back in 2012, it was important to Ally that EVERY slimmer knew they were more than just an order. Ally didn't want you to receive your order & feel all on your own. That's why, over the years, Ally has created a range of wonderful tools to help you stay motivated, on plan and feel supported. We receive a lot of emails on a weekly basis asking questions or seeking support & we LOVE receiving them!   To us, it means that we have created a trusted company. A company where our slimmers know they will be heard and answered, where they trust our advice, where they know they will be treated with respect.


Those aren't our words, they are words from our slimmers over the years.  Our support comes in so many forms & we are always working hard to ensure that with SML, you get the best value possible.

How do we support you as a slimmer?

SML Support facebook group - We launched a facebook support group where slimmers (all over the world) can come together and share their successes, stories and questions when it comes to their SMLDiet journey. When you order from us, you'll automatically receive an email from us on facebook. The email will have a link where you can join. Alternatively, simply search the SMLDiet on facebook groups and you should see us pop up.

1:1 support - Our founder Ally is a counsellor specialising in disordered eating and many a time she has worked with our slimmers on a 1:1 basis. These sessions are paid for in advance and are conducted by telephone or in person (if you are close to our offices).

E-guides - With Ally's knowledge in disordered eating and counselling, Ally started releasing her E-guides in 2017. We believe in giving back to our customers that's why you'll find some available to you for free. These e-guides have been a fantastic success with many slimmers writing to us for making them available as an extra support tool.

E-courses - As well as our free E-guides, we have recently started to release our e-courses. These are paid for and range from quick 'slimshots' (as we call them). What we mean by that is that they can be completed within a week, they give you an insight into your behaviour and have activities you can complete for further self directed learning. Then we have longer e-courses available which are more in-depth and targeted at certain areas such as learning to love your body and the skin you live in. 

VLCD SUPPORT- Ally spends time mentoring people in her private weight management clinic and as such created a site called VLCD Support. This site is for people who want tailored weight loss solutions using a more holistic approach. Again, Ally's e-guides and courses are featured but Ally uses free newsletters/blog posts to help slimmers look at their behaviour around food and eating. 
Weight loss challenges - throughout the year, we hold weight loss challenges. These are completely free to enter and are designed to help our slimmers feel accountable and motivated. We offer some great freebies and prizes to our slimmers and previous prizes include Jewellery from Tiffany & Co, a safari holiday, romantic weekend breaks away and other smaller prizes. Our main weight loss challenge starts in January each year so keep an eye on enrolment for that challenge.

  • 5* REVIEWS

We know you're busy and the fact that slimmers like yourself take time out to give us a 5* review on google means so much to us. We appreciate all reviews and use them as an opportunity to learn, to see how we can better ourselves as a company and also give ourselves a pat on the back when we need to.


We work very closely with our manufacturers to ensure we create delicious, nutritious foods for you. It's important that slimmers love the taste of our products and that's why we sometimes let our slimmers taste test our products for us before we release to the market. In fact, our products taste so good, that it's very rare that a slimmer tells us they don't like a flavour - always a good sign as there's nothing worse than diet food that tastes like cardboard.


We aren't a faceless, big corporate company, we are a relatively small, friendly and caring company and as such, we get to know our slimmers. From our slimmers who pop in for a weight in and order collection, to our slimmers over on our facebook group, they all know that they are in the hands of a company who knows their stuff when it comes to weight management. Ally (our founder) has extensive knowledge & over 10 years experience working in the weight management industry so is always looking to ensure our team are knowledgeable, in the area of weight management & VLCD plans.  



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