What is a Meal Replacement?
Welcome to the wonderful world of meal replacements. Now if you are new, it can be confusing as there's so many different brands and flavours available to choose from. Once you get your head around meal replacements and using them to control your weight, you'll wonder how you ever lived with out them!

What is a Meal Replacement? 

Simply put, a meal replacement is a food product that is designed to replace one or all of your daily meals. In order for a product to be classed as a meal replacement, it needs to contain essential vitamins/minerals and micro nutrients (this helps to keep your body happy & healthy). 

How do you use Meal Replacements? 

Meal Replacements are so easy and convenient to use for anyone looking to lose weight or maintain their weight as a part of a calorie controlled diet. 
If you are looking to lose weight, you can use meal replacements to substitute your usual meals such as dinner or breakfast for example. Some meal replacement plans (such as the SMLDiet) sell meal replacements that are suitable for Total food replacement & VLCD. Whilst other companies sell meal replacements to help supplement your diet i.e you would have up to 3 per day and conventional food/snacks. Those meal replacements aren't suitable for Total Food Replacement/VLCD due to calories/sugars and proteins contained within the product.

Why do people use meal replacements?

There are so many reasons why we use meal replacements...
  • Accelerated weight loss - When following a total food replacement plan/VLCD plan such as the SMLDiet, slimmers usually lose weight quicker than they would on  a conventional diet. This is because of the controlled diet plan they follow and the fact their body goes into ketosis whilst on the plan.
  • Convenience - It's so easy to have a meal replacement bar, boil the kettle for a meal replacement soup or just blend up a shake, within 5 minutes you are done and moving onto the next task. Great for those who are busy
  • Controlled - Slimmers love the fact that they just have their product and don't need to worry about their portion size, points, calories etc. They put their trust in the fact that SMLDiet products are doing their job for them.
  • Filling - If you look at a meal replacement sachet for the first time, you'd probably think 'that's not going to fill me up' but believe it or not, they do! plus it helps that SMLDiet meal replacements are delicious.
  • No worries - SMLDiet meal replacements contain the essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs so you are basically consuming a healthy meal but just in a different format than you are used to.
  • Nutritional - As said before, Meal Replacements contain essential vitamins and minerals so your body really is getting all it needs from a food supplement. No worrying about taking lots of different types of tablets. Having 4 of our meal replacements per day helps your body achieve 100% of the recommended daily allowances 

How do SMLDiet meal Replacements work?

Well, you could have up to 4 per day to replace all of your daily meals. This is considered to be a Very Low Calorie Diet (you would be following our Simple plan). However, some slimmers use our products just to simply replace 1 or 2 of their meals on a daily basis.

Personally, if I have had a busy day, i may use one of our soups or meal packs to have as my tea instead of cooking a traditional meal. This helps my weight management and gives me the satisfaction that I have looked after my body by not skipping meals altogether. 

What is a VLCD?

A VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) is a weight loss diet designed to help slimmers achieve weight loss at a faster rate than following traditional weight loss plans. You would usually consume on average 600 calories and this is done by consuming meal replacements that are designed to be used for VLCD's or Total Food replacement diets (such as the SMLDiet). Your body would go into ketosis and use stored fats as it's main energy source. 



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