Weight Loss Benefits of a VLCD


Very Low Calorie Diet Plans have been used in the NHS and private practices for over 30 years and over the last 10 years, there has been extensive medical research undertaken into the effectiveness of VLCD's with regards weight loss.

Many slimmers go straight for a VLCD due to the fact that VLCD's offer quick, effective and safe weight loss. VLCD's are recommended by NICE (National Institute for Health & Clinical Excellence) and have been used by millions of people.

What is a VLCD?

VLCD is a shortened term for Very Low Calorie Diet and in simple terms, a VLCD allows patients to lose weight whilst following a controlled low calorie diet plan consisting of 1,000 calories per day. Usually patients following a VLCD would also look at the amount of Carbohydrate they are consuming to ensure their body enters a state called ketosis. When patients follow a VLCD weight loss plan, it's not uncommon for them to lose on average 14lbs a month but that can not be guaranteed.

At the SML Plan, we have devised a number of weight loss plans to help you lose weight. Our own version of a VLCD is called the SIMPLE Plan but you can easily create your own weight loss plan using our products if a VLCD plan isn't suitable for you. Our Meal Replacements contain at least 25% RDA for essential vitamins and minerals and are made to a very high standard.



Health benefits of a VLCD plan

I'm sure you know that losing weight can have a huge effect on your overall health and well-being.  There are so many risks associated with being obese or overweight and reducing your body weight by just 10% can reduce your risk of getting certain conditions such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and certain cancers. Reducing your weight can also reduce any joint or muscle pain that you may have experienced in the past.

Other Benefits relating to a VLCD Plan

A lot of slimmers say that the health benefits outweigh everything else when it comes to a VLCD plan and losing weight but there are also other benefits in relation to your VLCD and weight loss.

  • Financial benefits - many slimmers notice that they save an average of £30 a week whilst on the SML Simple plan. This is due to the fact that everything food wise is catered for. No need to buy lunch at work, takeaways or alcohol. There is no need to attend weekly weight loss classes which on average cost £4 a week. With the SML Simple plan, all your food costs £30.24 a week.
  • Time benefits - You will be saving yourself so much time compared to usual cooking, shopping and searching for food recipes online. The packs are quick to make and eat/drink and are so handy to keep on you at all times.

SML really does help you to lose weight as work with a qualified weight management counsellor with a LighterLife background. Ally helps clients look at eating patterns and habits that caused weight gain in the first place. With our support, we can help you live Slimmer and to Maintain for Life.




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