Week 13 - Planned break from VLCD


Did you know there are guidlines surrounding VLCD plans within the EU & UK?

Well... here at SML, we adhere to UK & European guidelines and like to keep on top of the NICE Guidance for obesity.

NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) recommend that slimmers following a VLCD take a break after following a Very Low Calorie Diet Plan for 12 weeks. 

This only lasts for one week and one way we suggest you do this is by increasing your calorie intake for that week. 

So in week 13 of following your SML Simple Plan, we recommend you increase your calorie intake by doing the following each day:

  • Drink or make up your meal replacement shakes with 1 pint of semi skimmed milk
  • Look at including 2x small pieces of fruit per day
  • 300g of vegetables per day (or increase your vegetable intake)
  • Increase your foodpacks by 1 pack per day
  • Increase your protein allowance per day

Please note: This is a requirement of following a VLCD plan. We recommend that you adhere to our guidelines.

With regards weight gain, we completely understand how slimmers may be concerned about gaining weight during this week. You may notice a slight gain in weight however, please do not worry as this is normal and due to your body adjusting to to food and allowing glycogen to store water in the muscle. Once you go back to your VLCD on Week 14, the weight should come off again.




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