Tips for starting your VLCD
You've just placed your order with us and 'PING' you get that email or text notification to say your order's on its way to you. (HOW EXCITING?!)
To ensure 100% starting success, we've got these tips for you. So settle down... we're in for a motivating read...

1. Set a day to start

It's always a good idea to start when you don't have anything planned in the diary. You want to be able to give your VLCD your all until you've settled into a routine. So get that planned afternoon tea out the way and choose what day of the week is best for you to start. Best not to overthink it. Some slimmers like to start on a Monday - start of a fresh new week whilst some like to start on a Thursday - feeling motivated and pumped up ready for the weekend. It's completely up to you as to when you start.

2. The night before you start

Your first day is very important. If you start your VLCD not feeling it, chances are you won't have success. The night before you start ensure you have your packs all ready. A bit like people 'meal prep' do this with your packs. Choose which packs you want on which days. Pop them into piles, make your own special SMLDiet food cupboard or basket. Make a deal out of this special food that's going to help change your life!

3. The day you start

When you wake up pop on the scales. Remember to record your weight in your 'My Slimming Guide' booklet. This will be recorded as your start weight and will be important for you as a reminder of where you started at. Try to weigh yourself every 7 days.
Measurements - Remember to take your measurements. Best to take measurements of your bust, waist and hips. These can be great motivators if you haven't had a great week on the scales. Remember to take your measurements every 4 weeks.
Photos - Take a before pic. Cringe i know but trust me on this. In 3 months time when you have lost 3 stone +, you'll be so glad you did. Best to take a close up, face on. face on full profile and then a side profile pic of your whole body too.

What's the deal with the pics?

Ok lets look at it this way. You've been on the diet a while, maybe lacking abit of motivation and need a pick me up. You can get someone to take an up to date picture of you and compare it to the photo you took on day 1 and BOOM - There's your motivation right there!

When you have hit goal and are XXXX amount of stone lighter, you'll want to plaster those pics all over your insta to show off your hard work and to be honest with you, why not? you're going to work for that weight loss  so it's only fair that you get to see the results and lets face it, the pics don't lie!

4. Realistic thinking

Keeping it real for you. You aren't going to lose 13 stone in a day on a VLCD. However, it's not uncommon for people to lose between 7-10lbs in their first week. If you go into a VLCD plan with realistic expectations, then i'm sure you'll be happily surprised when you get them! 
Please make sure you have your recommended packs/water/food each day to ensure your body remains happy & healthy and if you have any questions, please know we are always here for you. Simply pop us an email to & we'll do our best to help you.
Sending you lots of positivity, motivational thoughts and our love
​Team SML



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