Surviving Easter on a VLCD

Easter time is such a calorific time of year. Similar to Christmas, the shelves are jam packed with lots of chocolate goodies and we know only too well how tempting it is to just put a creme egg in that shopping basket without a second thought.

but wait a minute.... what if you're on a VLCD? We know only too well that having sugar or carb laden foods on a VLCD plan is a big no no as it could affect the fat burning process of ketosis.

But before we all end up on a 'woe is me' cycle, we've got some top tips to help you survive Easter whilst remaining true to your VLCD plan.

Read on....

T I P    N U M B E R ..........

  1. Remember why you started your VLCD in the first place. When times get tough, we always fall onto our go to which in some of our slimmers cases are chocolates, crisps, food goodies in general. When you experience times like that, remember what your why - your why is generally the reason that led you to start your weight loss plan in the first place. Use this why to give you the strength to carry on with your VLCD

  2. Carry out a pro's and cons list - for example... yes we know that Easter egg looks good now but how will you truly feel after?  is it really worth undoing some of that hard work for just 5 minutes eating?

  3. Tell your loved ones that you would rather not have any Easter eggs this year. 

  4. Sharing is caring - if loved ones STILL insist on giving you Easter eggs, remember that you don't have to eat every one of them. Why not give some away? you'll feel good, they'll feel good it's a WIN/WIN

  5. Look at alternatives. You wouldn't be human if at times you didn't feel like you were missing out and occasions such as Easter or Christmas are a dieters nightmare for this exact reason. Why not have a back up plan of chocolate alternatives instead?   we think a chocolate Meal Replacement shake for your VLCD breakfast is a good way to start, maybe follow up with our Nutty Choc High Protein bar and don't forget we have delicious chocolate pudding pots which are low in carbs and calories and high in protein making them a perfect snack for keto-diets (meaning that they are ketogenic and wont affect you being in ketosis.      

If you've got any extra tips, please write them in the comments. We'd love to hear them! 




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