Princess Eugenie's wedding diet trick

Princess Eugenie's wedding is just days away and there's been heaps of hype in the press over how she's lost weight in time for her wedding. According to journos, Princess Eugenie has enlisted the help of a nutritionist along with a range of slimming supplements. We couldn't beleive it when we saw what product she was using to help her lose weight as here at SMLDiet, we have our very own (extremely) similar product at a fraction of the price.


According to sources in the press, Princess Eugenie is using a product called SlimMe  - £95 for 28 days worth. 

It's an appetite suppressant designed to help control cravings. You simply take it 30 minutes before a meal and it helps you feel fuller quicker meaning you eat less and thus lose weight.

SMLDiet's own similar version of SlimMe is available to purchase  £7 for 10 sticks here 

OR if you prefer it in tablet form, you can get a months supply for just £14.99 here 


both products contain glucomannan Konjac which is a natural ingredient that helps to suppress the appetite. 



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