Our tips for stopping the snacking over the festive period

Lets be honest.... VLCD plans can be challenging at the best of times and for those who are still trying to lose weight at this time of year there are added pressures & worries. Christmas dinners, office parties and foods try and tempt you. It's no wonder that slimmers dread this time of year!

No matter what your decision is with regards your plan over the festive break, we have devised a support post designed to give you our top tips for staying on track over the festive period. These tips have been compiled from our slimmers and we think there's some real gems that can help you stay on track with your weight management goals.

  • Look in the diary and decide when to re-start
    Set yourself a start date. write it down so it's concrete and stick to it!
  •  Make sure you have your packs ready
    Order in plenty of time. Christmas affects deliveries and there could be delays because of this. Make sure you order your SML Diet meal replacements in plenty of time
  • Make sure you have support.
    It's easy to discount the support of others. Take the SML Diet for example. We WANT you to succeed. So when you celebrate a milestone, we celebrate with you. When you are finding it tough, we are here for you
  • Recognise your progress
    If you are continuing your journey after a break, don't get caught up in any gains over the festive period. Instead reflect on how far you have come and use that as your motivation to carry on.
  • Set yourself some goals for the festive period
    This could be something such as going for a walk on boxing day for example
  • Have an action plan
    Not spending Christmas at home? then have an action plan of how you are going to manage food wise. Maybe take bars with you instead of shakes and when everyone is tucking into the christmas nibbles, try and SML snack instead. Spending time at home but feel tempted by sweets and nibbles? then ensure that you have plenty of sml snacks. Our cheesy drops are perfect at replacing cheesey footballs, our biccies are a great substitute for those biscuit tins and our high protein crisps are a lower calorie choice.
  • Reward yourself
    It's ok to give yourself non food related treats. In fact we encourage it! This can be so motivating and just like we would praise a child for good behaviour, you should praise yourself sometimes
  • Create a dream board
    This is a perfect way to spend new year day. Set yourself up for the year ahead by creating a board packed with motivational pictures and quotes. Stuff you'd like to achieve by the end of the following year
  • Lastly.... Don't be a slave to the scales
    You may find that you gain weight but you may also find that you don't gain weight. If you spend your time worrying about your weight over the festive period, then you may not have time enjoying yourself. 

The most important thing you can do is to prepare yourself for the journey ahead. We have special offer bundles designed to help you save money on your SML favourites so stock up ahead of January and remember to use code SMLSIMPLE to get 10% discount

On a personal note from us here at SMLDiet, we would like to wish you a lovely and relaxing Christmas and hope the new year brings you everything you want.

Here's to a focused and inspirational 2020




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