Ally lost 3 stone in 3 months
I'm Ally. I am the founder of the SML Diet and a mum of 2 children (Reece & Hope). I'll tell you a bit about my story in the hope you understand more about how the SML Diet was founded and why us slimmers have more in common than you may think.
I started my 'helping' life by working as a weight management mentor for Lighterlife. I was a Lighterlife counsellor for 7 years and LOVED my job. However, the area i worked was about an hour from where i lived and i found that i wasn't seeing my family as much as i wanted to. So i made the very gut wrenching decision to leave Lighterlife back in 2012. Of course, helping people change their lives was all i really knew. I loved my job, loved those #wowmoments that slimmers had and i really didn't want to leave it behind me. So i decided to set up the SML Diet. Now. People are always asking me what SML stands for - most thinking it's because of the Small, medium and large but the truth is, i called it the SML Diet as it stands for Slim & maintain for life as i believe that with the right support, we can all slim down, we can all certainly maintain our weight and if we have the belief in ourselves, we can maintain that weight for life!
When i worked as a Lighterlife counsellor, i took myself back to college and studied to become a qualified counsellor. Psychology and our behaviour has always fascinated me so it was only natural that i went down that route because i knew it would help me to help support my clients better but i'll let you into a secret, it helped me more than i could ever realise. It let me know so much about my behaviours and it's something i have carried forward in my helping work with our slimmers.

Meal Replacement dieting changed my life!

I initially came to the world of meal replacements as a slimmer myself. I was desperate. I wanted a child but had issues conceiving. Back in 2005, the world of VLCD's was so different to how it is now. Flavours were limited and that made it hard to stay on track. However, I was super focused and lost about 18lbs. i was on top of the world but it's a shame others didn't share my love for VLCD. I kept getting comments that i looked ill, that i would put the weight back on (and more) and that i needed to stop. Crazy as my BMI was still in the overweight category.
A miracle happened whilst i was on my VLCD. I fell pregnant!
However, i did put a lot of weight on with my pregnancy and probably more so after giving birth as i ate anything and everything due to my tiredness and routine.
So yes they were right. The weight did go back on and more but only because of MY eating habits. I felt disgusting, ugly and fat. I was on that horrible spiral of self loathing, eating and more self loathing. Sound familiar?

i love meal replacement diets - they really do work!

Ok. So lets talk about the elephant in the room - negativity. Certain people LOVE to hate meal replacement diets. You know the type, probably never been over weight, probably a fitness fan and a fan of eating clean, people who think you should just eat less and move more
BLEAUGH their opinions get on my nerves. In an ideal world, we would all be exercising, we would all be eating the right types of foods and the right portion sizes but you know what?
emotions happen!I know that i became obese because i wasn't exercising. I was eating the wrong foods and boy were my portion sizes huge. I was desperate to lose weight but often through my own naivety, i went about it the wrong way - starving myself all day just to blow out in the evening.So lets clear up some myths about VLCD's - i have covered this in another blog topic but i'm so passionate about clearing up these myths that i am going to go through it again.
  • You'll put all the weight back on again - Kinda true but only if you eat the quantities and the types of foods you used to. I only put weight on when i don't concentrate on myself
  • VLCD's are dangerous - Again. Kinda true. Like anything, if you don't follow the rules then yes it becomes dangerous.
  • VLCD's are unhealthy - NOT TRUE! they have been used in the NHS for over 30 years and you know what, i have helped so many slimmers lose weight with a VLCD before they go off and have gastric band surgery. Meal replacements contain essential vitamins to help keep your body happy & healthy whilst you lose weight so you are probably better nourished with a VLCD than you would be eating conventional food.
Glad we got that cleared up :-)

smldiet gave me hope (in more ways than one)

In 2012, after 6 years of fertility treatment, i was told i couldn't have any more children. Of course i was devastated & decided to concentrate on what i had instead of what i longed for.  So putting myself first, I started looking at my health and losing weight. I lost 2 stone and felt amazing. We went on holiday to get away from everything and i just started to relax more. So imagine my surprise just 2 months after losing weight with the SML Diet when i found out i was pregnant!
It really was a mini miracle. My daughter was born in 2014 and i decided to name her Hope (pretty apt i thought). I honestly believe falling pregnant was down to losing weight with SML Diet, the re-feed plan with low GI foods and a positive, relaxed attitude.
So SMLDiet changed my life in more ways than anyone could ever know!.


Lets face it, dieting really does suck. No-one wants to be counting points, having green or red days or counting calories but Meal Replacement dieting isn't as hard or horrible as some make out.
Lets look at the science. ..
to lose just 1lb, we need to burn 3500 more calories than our body needs for nutritional purposes.  When you are faced with 28lbs or more to lose, this can seem daunting before we even start!
I can't be doing with losing just 1lb a week and i personally love the feeling of not having to worry about cooking, weighing and then worrying that my portion sizes are too big to encourage weight loss. Whizzing up a shake in a blender is so easy. It's made and drunk within 5 minutes and you honestly don't feel physically hungry - honest!
Very Low Calorie Diets like the SML Diet contain all the nutrients your body needs to keep it happy & healthy and trust me when i say, you'll be buzzing with energy.
Everything changes when i'm on a VLCD. I feel more positive, i get more organised, i do more and i just notice the weight dropping off me. In just 6 weeks, i have changed 5 notches on my belt #wowmoment
Now who wouldn't want that?
It's not just about weight loss...I regularly see and support slimmers who come to our offices and every day i get emails / phone calls or facebook messages from slimmers who reach out to us. The best thing about my job is when a slimmer shouts out from the rooftops about what changes SML has made to their lives. Whether it's being able to get into a new dress/jeans or having the confidence to start dating. I love being part of their epic journey. We all start losing weight with one common purpose - to lose weight but the weight loss becomes a small part of the change that we embark on. It affects everything about us. From the way we act, the way we dress, how we feel about our selves and others and it also affects the lives of people around us.
I'm so proud of the SML Diet. When i set up the SML Diet, my main focus was to help slimmers take control and change their lives. In such a short space of time, we have grown into a company that has helped thousands of slimmers take charge. We have a fab team of staff that i am extremely proud of. Our staff all have experienced that horrible yo-yo effect of weight loss so they know exactly where you are coming from and believe me when i say, We care!
Nothing is more important to me than our slimmers, their journey and their continued success with the SML Diet.
So if you are feeling overweight, unhappy & want to make positive changes, then remember i can relate to that as i was once in that position myself.
I can and will support you to help you lose weight and maintain afterwards.
Here's to SML
Results may vary from person to person. Please contact your doctor prior to embarking on any weight loss plan such as the SMLDiet. Please ensure you have read our medical matters information guide prior to purchasing particularly if you have any special needs or conditions, such as food allergies, dietary restrictions, or if you are pregnant or breast feeding. The content on this site is for informational purposes only, and is not intended to provide any medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.



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