7 Myths about weight loss

There's so much misleading information on the web nowadays it's hard for us slimmers to know what to believe in order to maintain our weight.

We've found some of the most common queries from slimmers and we've got a little quiz for you. Can you tell which ones are porky pies and which ones are the truth? Keep reading to find out...

QUOTE 1: 'The More you drink, the more you shrink'

This is partly true in the fact that if you don't drink enough, your body starts to draw water where it can. This is usually from our waste in the gut so it ends up drying out the waste which in turn leads to constipation. If you end up with constipation, it's easy for you to hold on to that waste for days even a week or so in turn keeping hold of excess weight (not fat). However, once you go to the bathroom that waste will leave your body and you will end up lighter on the scales but this isn't true fat loss (there is a difference). So drinking often does help and it does reduce bloat but not true fat loss.

QUOTE 2: 'I've exercised so i can eat whatever i want now'

FALSE - To truly lose weight, you need to reduce your calorie intake. If you exercise then eat 2000 calories more than you lost during exercise, then you will still gain weight.

QUOTE 3: 'Ketosis is bad for you'

FALSE - A lot of people mix up ketosis and another issue called Ketoacidosis (which affects diabetics). Ketosis is perfectly safe and whilst you have fat on your body, your body will get the energy it needs from that fat reserves.

QUOTE 4: 'Everyone loses weight at different rates'

TRUE - We do lose weight at different rates. Just because Paul loses 2 stone in a month doesn't mean you should too. This is because of many different factors such as our starting weight, exercise levels etc. Keep doing you and the weight will come off eventually

QUOTE 5: 'You can choose where the weight loss comes from'

FALSE - We wish this was true but sadly it isn't. You can't dictate where your weight comes off first. You can tone certain parts of your body but if you see something telling you it focuses on lets say your belly like slim tummy tea or something similar, it's not true and cant help focus on just that area - save your money and work on toning it instead.

QUOTE 6: 'Losing weight is super easy - eat less, move more'

FALSE - If weight loss was that easy, we'd all be our ideal weight and wouldn't be reading this post right now. Sometimes people eat for emotional reasons, sometimes people struggle due to medications or illnesses. If only everyone knew this (sighs). If you are one of those people who finds weight loss harder than others, then remember to plan for your weight loss and take it in small steps. Keep an eye on your end goal so you don't lose focus on why you are losing weight.


QUOTE 7: 'SML is fantastic for weight loss'

TRUE - We're not ashamed to blow our own trumpet once in a while and you know why? because we're owned by a leading Life Coach who specialises in disordered eating. We have a support website called VLCD Support designed to offer tools and support to anyone following a VLCD plan. LEARN MORE HERE  As a company, we really do want our customers to maintain their weight. Our products are continuallly rated 5* for their taste and we work hard to develop products we believe will help you lose weight. Our range of shakes, soups, meals and bars are great for VLCD plans and we have snacks that help you whilst in ketosis or following a low carb diet plan.

Whilst we believe VLCD's are great, they're not a lifestyle choice and are only a shorter term solution. That's why it's important for you to focus on changing your behaviours to support a healthy long-term weight management solution. 






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