5 Mistakes you are making with your VLCD

Do you feel hungry on your VLCD weight loss plan? Maybe you just aren't losing weight. VLCD's are supposed to be a simple way of losing weight but sometimes things just don't go our way. When that happens, it's easy to lose motivation, lose your focus and think stuff the diet.

Well, it may be that you are making a few mistakes when it comes to your VLCD plan and by making just a few tweaks you can stop that happening for you. 


1. You aren't drinking enough water...

We get alot of our extra water from conventional food but when you are on a Very Low Calorie Diet plan, you are usually consuming shakes, meals and soups as dried powder. Here at SML Nutrition, we also notice that slimmers prefer not to drink much during the day due to work or travel and worrying about finding a bathroom in time. This can cause problems for slimmers and they usually find themselves becoming dehydrated. This causes extra issues such as constipation, headaches and hunger. We talk about the effects of water and VLCD's in another of our blog posts (see here) but cutting back on water due to worrying about finding a toilet can really work against you and your weight loss.

On a VLCD plan, we recommend you drink about 3 litres of water per day. It's important you spread it out and not guzzle it all in one go. This way your body will also get used the water amounts you are drinking. 
Lets say you aren't usually a water drinker. Suddenly because of your VLCD, you drink 3 litres a day, your body is going to react with a WHOA and hold on to some of that water as it's just not used to having that amount in the body - this is a survival effect. In turn this could lead to you having a gain or staying the same on the scales. However, your body will get used to drinking 3 litres of water a day pretty quickly. So those toilet breaks you are taking every 20 mins at the moment will soon calm down. You'll also notice drinking water helps with constipation thus leading to more of a weight loss on the scales as we can store up to 7lbs of waste in our bodies due to constipation (gross).

2. You are missing out on foodpacks...

This is another thing we notice slimmers do in an attempt to lose weight. This isn't a healthy behaviour for slimmers to partake in. Not only does it work against you but it's going to lead to you giving up altogether and here's why...

When on a VLCD plan, you are consuming minimal calories anyway. By cutting back on 1 or 2 packs, you'll be on very very very stupid low calorie amounts. This is dangerous and will lead to you becoming malnourished, ill and feeling extremely lethargic. We've written a blog post about this issue please read it here

Your body will also start to store any kind of food it gets (again almost like a survival mechanism) and you WON'T lose weight. So peeps, please don't think this is a good idea as it's really not.

3. Lets talk exercise levels...

Do I hear groans? HAHA yes i'm not necessarily the biggest fan of hardcore exercise but if we're taking a holistic approach to weight loss, we need to look at exercise too.

Exercising too much on a VLCD plan isn't good for you. Again like the foodpack scenario, if we exercise too much when on a VLCD, it can make us unwell. It's important that you look at exercise in moderation. So whilst we recommend walking, gentle swimming or gentle exercise such as Yoga or Pilates, we wouldn't want you to start training for a marathon whilst on a VLCD plan.  Same goes with lack of exercise. Some slimmers think that they can do a VLCD plan and not partake in any exercise what so ever. Whilst the weight will still come off your body, you aren't changing your attitude to weight loss and weight management and this could lead to weight gain once you come off your VLCD plan. In order to combat this, it's important that you contemplate exercise if you are able to. The earlier the better. Now i'm not talking going out joining a gym but consider parking the car further away to encourage you to walk more. Things like that make all the difference.

4. You consider the opinions of others TOO MUCH...

Why is it that when we start losing weight, everyone has an opinion on how we look?! it's so intrusive.   I've had it before - 'you need to stop now, you're looking too thin' or our favourite here at SML Nutrition 'A vlcd is so unhealthy, you need to do Slimming World'. 

Whilst some people who make comments like this do have your best interests at heart, it's important that you do what you need to do to make you happy. If that means losing another 3 stone or being on a VLCD as it's the way you like to lose weight then that's fine. Surround yourself with people who will cheer with you and encourage you to go on (such as us here at SML). Don't let other people get in the way of you reaching your goals. It's your journey not theirs!


5. You lack self belief...

This is a HUGE deal for our customers and that's why Ally (our weight management Coach) looks into the behaviours around slimming. A lot of slimmers quit their diet plans (not because the plans are too hard) but because deep down they have unhelpful thought patterns which lead them to believe they CAN'T lose weight or that they are 'SUPPOSED TO BE FAT'. It's really not true. If one person can lose weight then another person can too. The only difference between us is our mindset. That's why Ally created A VLCD Support site. This is designed for anyone following a VLCD plan whether it's whether it's SML, Exante, New You plan or Slim and save). It's a site that whilst created by someone who works for SML Nutrition and anyone can get advice or support from posts created, download our free workbooks, join the challenges and generally get support from SML  - Please remember you don't have to be a SML Nutrition customer in order to take advantage of the support site.



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